• Image of Pound Shop 7 - the final issue

The seventh and final instalment features 28 pages of the artist's best work from the past 12 months, collected and bound in a limited of edition of 200 only (no more editions will ever be printed of this or any issue in the series), each numbered, dated and initialled by hand. Every portrait represents many hours of labour and a lot of hair-pulling, hand-wringing and sleepless tossing. Friends, acquaintances, strangers - all real men sifted from the internet and served in vector graphic format on tactile, quality matt-finish paper in vivid colour. As always, the artist is searching for beauty pulled to its limits, sexuality that answers to nobody, and atmosphere you can cut with a bone saw.

For a unique signed edition featuring a portrait of yourself, or a friend, select the option from the drop-down menu below. Only 30 of these are available.

28 pages, A5, saddle-stitched, flat spine, full colour, matt finish